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Academic Rules & Regulations 2013 for B. Tech. (Regular)

(Effective for the students admitted in to I year from the Academic Year 2013-2014 and onwards)

1. Award of B.Tech Degree: A student will be declared eligible for the award of the B. Tech. Degree if he fulfills the following academic regulations.

      (a) Pursued a course of study for not less than four academic years and not more than eight academic years. However, the student is permitted to write Supplementary examinations for two more years, giving a facility to the student to complete the Degree within 10 academic years.

      (b) Registered for 208 credits and secured 200 credits with compulsory subjects: (compulsory subjects are: all Laboratories and Project work, i.e. the student shall pass all laboratory examinations and project work)

      (c) Students, who fail to complete their Four years Course of study within Eight years or fail to acquire the 200 Credits for the award of the degree within ten academic years from the year of their admission, shall forfeit their seat in B. Tech course and their admission shall stand cancelled.

2. Courses of study : The following courses of study are offered at present for specialization in the B.Tech. Course.

S.No Branch Code Branch
1 04 ECE-Electronics and Communication Engineering
2 05 CSE-Computer Science and Engineering

And any other course as approved by the authorities of the University from time to time.

3. Distribution and Weightage of Marks :

      (i) The performance of a student in each semester shall be evaluated subject – wise with a maximum of 100 marks for theory and 75 marks for practical subject. The project work shall be evaluated for 200 marks.

      (ii) For theory subjects the distribution shall be 25 marks for Internal Evaluation And 75 mark for the End - Examinations.

      (iii) Out of 25 internal marks – 10 marks are assigned for subjective exam, 10 marks for objective “On Line” exam and 5 marks for attendance.

      (iv) For theory subjects, the marks for attendance are to be given as follows:

    S.No % of Attendance Marks
    1 < 75% 0
    2 75% to <80% 1
    3 80% to <85% 2
    4 85% to <90% 3
    5 90% to < 95% 4
    6 95% and above 5

      (v.) For theory subjects, during the semester there shall be 2 tests. Each test consists of 20 minutes duration objective “On Line” exam for 10 marks and 120 minutes duration subjective exam for 40 marks. The Objective exam marks for 10 and subjective exam marks scaled for 10 to be added to get test marks for 20. The best of the two tests will be taken for internal marks. The first test to be conducted in 1-4 units and second test in 5-8 units of each semester.

      Each Objective question paper shall contain 20 objective type questions for 10 marks. This examination is conducted “on line” to train the student for on line examinations such as GRE, GMAT etc.

      Each subjective type test question paper shall contain 4 questions and all questions need to be answered. The subjective type question paper should be for 40 marks.